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Catalogue of Works
Date Title Instrumentation
2013 String Trio Violin, viola and cello
2013 Ending Eliot Soprano, baritone and piano
2013 Symphony no. 2 2(picc)222, 4231, timp. 3 perc., harp and str
2013 Improvs Bass clarinet, bassoon
2013 Sweet Betsy A Fantasy on an American Folk Song for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
2013 Into the Twilight Flute, clarinet, viola, bassoon and piano
2013 Yeats Triptych
I. The Everlasting Voices
II. To a Squirrel at Kyle-Na-No
III. The Lake Isle of Innisfree
SATB a capella
2013 String Quartet no. 5
2013 Three for Three Flute, viola, and string bass
2012 Trio Violin, viola, and cello
2012 Soliloquy Solo flute
2012 Quintet Piano and string quartet
2012 What Goes Around... Flute and oboe
2012 Sweet Betsy; A Fantasy on an American Folk Song  
2012 Lucky Sevens for percussion ensemble (5 players)  
2010 L'apres-midi d'une Schönberg Sop, M-sop, ten, Bar, flute, clarinet,violin, cello, piano Libretto: Nancy Bogen
2009 Lamentation Cello and piano
2009 Impressions, Two Settings of Oscar Wilde* High voice and piano
2009 String Quartet no. 4 2 violins, viola, cello
2008 Sundays in New York* A melodrama Narrator (female), alto sax, contrabass, drum set, piano Text: Nancy Bogen
2008 Five Caprices* Piano
2008 Lyric Piece* Violincello
2008 Lux aeterna* (traditional text, poem by Clifford Hall Jr.) SATB Chorus, Tenor solo, organ
2008 Rondeau per Matthieu* piano
2007 Sonata for Solo Violin*  
2007 Bach-analia* Solo harpsichord
2007 Running Snakes  4-hand piano
2007 String Quartet No. 3* 2 violins, viola, cello
2007 Five Fainlight Songs* Voice and piano
2007 Sonatina* 
 audio and score
Solo piano
2006 I. LOVE. YOU.* Clarinet, oboe; Text: Manuel Gavales
2006 Ballet Music in Two Parts 2 violoncelli
2006 Sonata for Solo Guitar*  
2006 My Soul’s Satisfaction SATB Chorus and piano; Text: Clifford Hall, Jr.
2005 Incidental Music for “Coeur de Lion, Coeur” Clarinet, oboe; Text: Nancy Bogen
2005 Concerto for Trumpet/Flugelhorn and Orchestra* 2-2-2-2 4-2-2-0 timp, 2 perc, str
2005 Circular Motions*
I. Maelstrom  audio and score
II. In the Eye of the Storm
III. Whirlwind
Flute, clarinet, piano
2005 Petite Suite* 4 Bassoons
2005 Aftermath* Baritone and string quartet
2004 Sonata for Solo Viola* 
 audio and score
2004 Mein Lebenslauf (G. Schoenberg), arr.* Baritone, SATB, flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano
2003 Four Miniatures* Viola, guitar
2003 Shakespearean Sketches* Flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano
2002 American Elegy* String orchestra
2002 String Quartet no. 2*  
audio and score
2 Violins, viola, violoncello
2001 Cassation* Harpsichord, string quartet, percussion
2000 Robert and Hal, opera in 4 acts
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2000 Preludes to Milton's "Paradise Lost" (Bks 1 & 2)*
audio and score
1999 Three Silly Piano Pieces* Solo piano
1998-99 Concerto for Flute & Orchestra* Solo flute, 2222-4221, timpani, perc, strings
1997 Aaron's Jubilee* Solo organ
1996 Hymn to Intellectual Beauty* A cycle of seven songs for high voice and piano
1996 Trilogy, arr.* Percussion, trio (marimba, xylophone/orchestra bells, vibraphone)
1995 Landscape...with Grace*
(Recorded on Capstone Records CPS-8634: "And the Eagle Flies")
2222-4331-timpani, 3 perc, strings
1995 Trilogy (For Ron George's Ballad Console)* Percussion instrument: Marimba, vibraphone, orchestra bells
1995 Freefall* Clarinet solo and chamber orchestra (2222-2220, timpani, 2 per, strings)
1994 Quintet for Oboe (Saxophone) and Strings* Oboe (soprano sax) and string quartet
1993 Song and Dance* Piano and chamber orchestra (2222-2231, timpani, 2 per, strings)
1992 Four-Play*  
audio and score
Soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
1992 Set Pieces* Guitar and harpsichord
1989 Seascape: Overture to Moby Dick*
(Recorded on Capstone Records CPS-8634: "...and the eagle flies...")
2 Piccolos, 2 English horns, 2 Eb clarinets, 2 bass clarinets, contrabassoon-4331, timpani, 2 per, harp, strings
1987 Moby Dick, opera in 2 acts* (John Richards, librettist) (1988 and 1989 were devoted to the orchestration of Moby Dick, the preparation of a piano-vocal score and the recopying of both.)
1986 Bachatelles* 
  audio and score
Percussion solo (marimba and assorted others)
1986 Jubilate Deo, arr.* SATB, concert band
1986 "As Adam early in the morning": Second of the Whitman Choruses (Walt Whitman, poet)* SATB or TTBB, piano
1986 Divertimento* Brass quintet
1984 Jubilate Deo* (traditional text, recomposition of a student work from c. 1965) SATB, strings, piano
1983 Clarinet Music: Hommage à Debussy* Clarinet solo
1983 Rhapsody* Violin and piano
1982 Fantasy-Impromptu* Piano solo
1982 Trio*  
audio and score
Violin, violoncello, piano
1982 Serenade* Flute, violoncello, piano
1981 Collage* Wind ensemble
1981 Passacaglia for Rapunzel* Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone
1981 "I am he that aches with amorous love": First of the Whitman Choruses (Walt Whitman, poet)* SATB or TTBB, piano
1980 Invention* Cello solo
1980 Chorale Variations*
(Recorded on Capstone Records CPS-8627: "Tonus Tomis")
2 Horns, solo string quintet, string orchestra
1978 Chorale Variations* 2 Horns
1977-80 Symphony in one Movement* 3222-4331-per(3), strings
1977 The Wishing Tree, operetta* (John Richards, librettist) Young singers, piano
1976 Song Cycle: Last Night I Was the Wind* (J. Peter Bergman, poet) Baritone & wind quintet
1975 Suite for Percussion*
(Recorded on Capstone Records CPS-8601)
5 Percussionists
1973 Sonata* (Recorded on Advance label - ASUC #5) Violin and piano
1971 String Quartet*
1971 Three Haiku (trans. by Peter Beilenson & Harry Hahn in Haiku Harvest, series IV, Peter Pauper Press) SSA, piano
1970-74 Te deum* (traditional text) SATB, organ, piano, strings, bassoon, percussion
1970 Prelude and Lament*
(Recorded on Capstone Records CPS-8601)
Wind quintet
1970 Piano Piece
1970 "next to, of course, god" (e.e.cummings, poet)* SATB, piano, brass choir, percussion
1970 Trio* Viola, oboe, piano
1969 Rapunzel, opera in one act (Harold Mason, librettist)[ see also 1981: alternate version for winds] (1111-1110)* S, M-S, T, Br., chorus, orchestra (1111-1110-piano, timpani, strings) piano, percussion
1969 Bacchanal Orchestra
1967 Two Sancti (traditional text) SATB, organ
1967 Variations* Piano
1967 Eccosaise String orchestra
1966 Regina coeli* (traditional text) SATB, brass choir
1966 Movements* String quartet
1965 Rondo Capriccioso Orchestra, piano
1965 Incidental Music for Elizabeth, the Queen (Maxwell Anderson) Flute, recorder consort, guitar (lute), 2 trumpets, percussion
1965 Piece for Brass Quintet 2 trumpets, FH, trombone, tb.
1964 Kyrie eleison (Roman Catholic Mass) SATB, piano
1963 Ode to the West Wind (Shelley, poet) SATB, orchestra
1963 Two Settings from Shelley SATB, wind quartet
1962 Sonata Piano
1962 Theme and Variations Piano
1962 Elegy Orchestra
1961 Usque Quo, Domine (King James Bible) SATB, piano
1961 Mass in B minor (Anglican Book of Common Prayer) SATB, piano
*American Composers Edition, American Composers Alliance (